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Abdihakim Ali

SERVING MUSLIM-AMERICAN FAMILIES FOR OVER A DECADE Why Guidance Residential is the Most Trusted Islamic Home Financing Provider in The U.S.? Strictly Riba Free Diminishing Musharakah Model Leader in
(206) 294-0861

Abel Girmay DJ

Abel Girmay DJ For wedding music, music concert, and sound system,  Arranger & planer if you need more information call 206 294 0861 Abel Girmay (Drums) ለሰርግ   ለተለያዩ   የ

Adera Money Wiring Services LLC.

Adera Money Wiring Services LLC. Mueller Aseresu Managing Director Phone: 425-774-7913 206-851-8201 E-mail: Address: 22910 hwy 99 suite B Edmunds, WA 98026
(206) 859-0098

Adugenet Ethiopian Kitchen & Bar አዱገነት ካፌ

አዱገነት ካፌ ADUGENET (206) 859-0098 ፍላጎችሁን ለሟሟላት አዱገነት ካፌ ቁርጥ ሥጋ ጀምረናል ቡና እንጀራ ቅመማ ቅመማ Coffee Injera Spices
(206) 324-6402

Agelgil Ethiopian Restaurant አገልግል ኢትዮፒያን ምግብ ቤት

Agelgil Ethiopian Restaurant   (206) 324-6402   Beef Tibs Lamb Tibs Lamb Tibs & Ribs Chicken Tibs Kikil Zilzil Tib Dora Wot Quanta Firfir Gored Gored Kitfo Beer & Wine!   Hours
(206) 440-3399

Ahadu Ethiopian Restaurant

Ahadu Ethiopian restaurant አሃዱ  የኢትዮዽያ  ምግብ  ቤት   (206) 440-3399   Great price, Friendly service & Amazing Food come and visit us ከጥሩ    ዋጋ  

Alem Family Dental

Alem Family Dental “Improve your smile today with cosmetic dentistry” Complimentary Consultation የአመቱ ኢንሹራንስዎ ሳይቃጠል ይጠቀሙበት!!! Don’t let your 2014

Almaz Sebsebie

አልማዝ ሰብስቤ Almaz Sebsebie Real Estate Broker ቤት ለመግዛት ሆነ ለመቨጥ ሲፈልጉ አልማዝን ይደውሉ My Mission To provide the finest residential real estat

Amsale Aberra ጠበቃ


Amy’s Merkato እምይ መርካቶ

Amy’s Merkato እምይ መርካቶ Established in 1992, Amy’s Merkato is Seattle’s first and still finest Ethiopian Market our priorities are customer satisfaction at the lowest prices possibl
(206) 913-2194


ኣስመራ ሽኮር ግሮሰሪ ASMARA SHIKOR GROCERY Call: (206) 913-2194 (206) 354-2507 በርበረ ሸንፋእ ኣድሪ ከርበ ቡቕሊ ጌሶ ሸሮ ኣስመራ ሕሩጭ መሸላ
(206) 322-1019

Assimba Ethiopian Cuisine

Assimba Ethiopian Cuisine አሲምባ ኢትዮፒያን ምግብ ቤት   (206) 322-1019   We are an Ethiopian Restaurant and we also have a Rental Hall available for events! በተጨማሪ