Chiropractic & Massage Clinic

322 SW 155th St, Burien, WA 98166, USA (206) 957-8188
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Dr. Mostafa Abdel-Aleim

(206) 957-8188

We specialize in:

  • Auto related injuries
  • Back/Neck Pain
  • Headaches/Dizziness
  • Numbness/Tingling of the Hands/Legs
  • Shoulders/Hips/Knee pain

Benefits At Our Clinic:

  • Customized care for Injured Muslim Women & the Pregnant.
  • Home care is available to victims of car accidents for families of severe injuries at NO extra charge until able to drive or having a car to drive.*
  • Auto accident claims are usually accepted on the same day you call in and NO Medical Referral is needed to start chiropractic care at our clinic.
  • Our Clinic utilizes many of the best tools and equipment in the field.
  • We provide individualized extended visits combined with deep muscle therapy to get you better faster and help you stay better longer after care.
  • Free In-Office Consultation. We take the time to explain you injuries and discuss with you all options of care that are best for you with no obligation.
  • Clinic is located close to Burien Town Square in a medical building with free off-street EZ parking and No Stairs.


ካይሮፕራክቲክ እና የወጌሻ ህክምና

ዶክተር ሙስጣፋ አብድል አሊም

ተዋቂነትን  ያተረፍነው

  • የመኪና አደጋ ጉዳት
  • የጀርባ እና የአንገት ህመም
  • የእጅ እና የእግር መደንዘዝ
  • የእራስምታት እና እራሶን ሲያዞሮት
  • የትከሻ, ታፋ, እንዲሁም የጉልበት ህመም

በህክምና  ቤታችን  የሚጠቀሙት

  • ለእስላምና ሀይማኖት ተከታይ ሴቶች እና ነፍሰጡር
    ሴቶች የተለየ እንክብካቤ እንሰጣለን
  • በመኪና አደጋ ጉዳት ለደረሰባቸው ቤተሰቦች ያለተጨማሪ
    ክፍያ መኪና አግኝተው ወይም መንዳት እስኪችሉ እናገለግላለን
  • የመኪና አደጋ ጉዳት ለደረሰባቸው በእለቱ ለት ደውለው
    ካይሮፕራክቲክ እና የወጌሻ ህክምና እንዲጀምሩ እንቀበላለን

ህክምና  ቤታች  ዘመናዊ  የህክምና  መሳሪያ  እንጠቀማለን

አገልግሎታችን ጠለቅያለ ሴሆን እርግጠኝነት ባለዉ ሁኔታ መሻሎን እንከታተላለን በህክምና ቤታችን ነፃ ምክር እንሰጣለን


322 SW 155th Street Suite D

Burien, WA 98166

Phone Number (206) 957-8188
Country United States of America
State/Province Washington
distance: 5,080 Miles
Address 322 SW 155th St, Burien, WA 98166, USA